Password Change


Security protocol mandates we restructure the security of our password creation and storage within Virtual Academy.  Therefore, over the next month, when a user logs into the Training Management System (TMS) with their current username and password, they will be required to change their password. The new password criteria will require users to create a password that is 8 characters long- but we recommend 12. You will have the ability to use any combination of letters, character and/or symbols. However, we recommend using a combination of all three for better security.

In addition, Training Officers will no longer have access to officer’s login information within the TMS. If an officer forgets their password, they can simply click Forgot Password from the login screen, enter their Username, click Send Password, and an email containing their password will be automatically generated to the officer.

login screen

PW reset

For additional support, the officer can click Help to contact Tech Support via online chat or by phone at 855.227.9119.