Ethical Issues for Law Enforcement – 3 Hours

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Course Description

Ethical Issues for Law Enforcement explores ideas and information in and around ethical decision-making as it pertains to law enforcement. Officers will understand the need for law enforcement practitioners to make informed, ethical judgments. “Being ethical pertains to how an individual arrives at conclusions relating to what is right and what is wrong. Individual beliefs vary; therefore, people should attempt to achieve a position that results in fairness and equity within society and respects individual beliefs. Ethical behavior is expressed by an ethos that drives the rationality behind fair, equitable, and ethical decision-making. Ethics is a matter that should be taken seriously. It is the duty of the criminal justice system to ensure that law and order is maintained and delivered based upon fairness and equity to the benefit of all members of society.” This course will offer practical examples of the applications of ethics in real world scenarios and examples. It will also explore the philosophers who are considered the backbone of our ethical observations.

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