Constitutional and Criminal Law Procedure – Arrests and Terry Stops & Warrantless Searches (Exceptions) 1-Hour


Course Description

This course is about arrests and investigative, or Terry, stops. Unlike in popular media where arrests are often violent, in reality most arrests rarely involve any violence. Nevertheless, arrests pose the threat of physical harm to the officer, the arrestee, and bystanders. This course also deals with hot pursuit, automobile, and other kinds of warrantless searches and seizures. Modern society and modern policing makes warrantless searches and seizures necessary. Because they are not authorized by a prior judicial warrant, special justification is needed to insure warrantless searches do not give police unchecked power. Most warrantless searches and seizures are justified by an emergency, or an exigency. This course will define the types of exigency searches and seizures and other warrantless searches and seizures and how they are justified.

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