October New Course NM-Mitzi



Cultural Competency Racial Profiling and Implicit Bias
Cultural Competency Racial Profiling and Implicit Bias
Aaron Olson
Aaron Olson, Portland Community College
Hours: 2.5
The content of this course covers 3 parts which are: 1) multicultural law enforcement elements in terrorism and disaster preparedness applicable to homeland security; 2) response strategies for crimes motivated by hate/bias and racial profiling centered on laws, investigations, prosecutions, reporting, and monitoring; 3) and cultural effectiveness for law enforcement using community policing and multicultural responses strategies for gangs, the homeless, and the mentally ill. The value this course brings to learners is having a greater cross-cultural awareness for competency and using effective strategies to improve relationships within the multicultural workforce and community. Moreover, the learners are the rank and file in police departments to include academies and in-service training programs, as well as colleges and universities with criminal justice programs. Last, this course also applies to other criminal justice professionals, emergency service personnel, correctional officers, border patrol agents, marshals, federal agents, and campus and military police.