Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police Partners with Virtual Academy

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Wichita, Kansas/Martin, Tennessee – Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police has partnered with Virtual Academy to bring virtual training to departments across the state. Classes, designed by law enforcement experts, provide the highest quality of content to support each individual department. At their fingertips, agencies now have access to the mandated training required by federal and state standards and also to training that meets specific professional development needs.

“We are particularly excited about this partnership because it connects us with departments across the entire state of Kansas. Small departments that might not easily have access to advanced training can bring these opportunities in to their department allowing members to train from the office or even from home” stated Lance Bullock, Virtual Academy Sales Manager.

Hundreds of offerings by Virtual Academy include topics that range from administrative tasks, emergency preparedness, managing high risk operations, and investigative techniques. In addition to the large library of current courses, Virtual Academy continues to expand the content as experts design and prepare new classes that meet societal and regulatory needs.

Kansas departments benefit from the expert designed and led training that wouldn’t normally be available without extensive travel and great expense. Using Virtual Academy allows departments to complete the majority of their training needs by only spending a fraction of their budget.

As Jennifer Duffy, KACP Executive Director points out, “The value of this partnership comes down to providing opportunities to departments so that communities have officers with the most current and up to date training at their fingertips. The ultimate beneficiary is the public.”

KACP is a non-profit corporation organized to secure a closer official relationship amongst police officials throughout the state, to secure unity of action in police matters; to elevate the standard of police institutions and the police profession generally; to pursue humane efforts in the enforcement of laws; to encourage the advancement and perfection of a uniform police system within the State of Kansas: to advance along all lines pertaining to the prevention and detection of crime and the identity and treatment of prisoners; and to encourage cooperation with any other professional police organization who supports the above aims and purposes, to solicit and receive funds for the accomplishment of the above aims, if necessary, and to buy, own or sell property, real or personal, for the accomplishment of the above aims, if necessary. In the 40 plus years since its birth, KACP has grown from its original 19 to over 400 members.

Virtual Academy is the place where quality training is accessible and affordable. The Virtual Academy Training Management System (TMS) is a fully integrated, cloud-based training management software solution. The easy to use system allows public safety agencies to deliver the high-quality training that officers need, 100% online.

Contact Information:

Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police
Jennifer Duffy, Executive Director
PO Box 780603
Wichita, KS 67278
Virtual Academy
Lance Bullock, Sales Manager
317 South Lindell St.
Martin, TN 38237

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