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Blog_ Police Equipment

Police equipment such as sirens, radios, riot gear, and armored vehicles conveys a powerful message about the presence of law enforcement and its readiness to take charge. In some situations, however, police equipment can have a negative effect. Police officers need to consider both advantages and potential hazards when they’re selecting equipment for dealing with […]

Blog_ Viewing Employees in a Positive Light

By studying the workplace from a historical perspective and choosing to view employees in a positive light, modern law enforcement managers are able to develop and maintain more effective teams. This article compares the theories that traditional managers view employees in a negative light, and that modern managers view employees in a positive light. By […]

Blog_ Strategies for Police Officer Safety

A nonprofit organization called Below 100 has developed five common-sense guidelines for police officer safety. Research shows that following these simple guidelines can significantly reduce risk to officers as they go about their duties.