Author: Robin Smith

Blog_ Viewing Employees in a Positive Light

By studying the workplace from a historical perspective and choosing to view employees in a positive light, modern law enforcement managers are able to develop and maintain more effective teams. This article compares the theories that traditional managers view employees in a negative light, and that modern managers view employees in a positive light. By […]

Blog_ Leader and Members Working Together (1)

To build and maintain a successful law enforcement team, members and leaders must work together. In doing so, they will find that their goals are not so different. Most people have two main goals in their professional lives – to have steady employment with a respectable organization and to do a good job. Interestingly enough, team leaders have similar goals – they want to retain good employees and build or maintain a successful team.

Blog_ Boosting Self Esteem

To be an effective team member, individuals must have confidence in their own skills and abilities. Moreover, for a team to be effective, individual members must also have confidence in the abilities of their teammates and the team as a whole. Self-esteem is defined as: “a feeling of having respect for yourself and your abilities; a confidence and satisfaction in oneself.” To help build and maintain an effective team, it is essential that individual members take the initiative to promote self-esteem in each other.